The Community

Located in the heart of “The Hills” Mundaring is a thriving suburb of the Perth Metropolitan area whilst being far enough removed from the traffic and congestion to offer residents a gorgeous leafy lifestyle at an entirely different pace of life.

Being 35km from the Perth CBD and sitting atop the Darling escarpment, Mundaring has not experienced the ebbs and flows borne of Perth’s recent development and intensification.

For most of the last 20 years, it has been the coastal suburbs that have accommodated this population growth and the growing pains that come as infrastructure is pushed to its limits.

The North Eastern quadrant of Perth has essentially been immune to these pressures and accordingly the suburbs have retained an enviable lifestyle centred on the two cornerstones of amenity, and community.

The amenity is there for all to see, with the Townsite being surrounded by a significant Green belt. The Estate is situated in the heart of this area, and consequently, more than a third of the Estate has been “retired” thereby retaining substantial trees that together support the important wildlife functioning of the greenbelt.

With Perth City poised to again re enter a growth phase, discerning buyers will undoubtedly fall for this amenity and the other charms of the locality which boasts, a quaint town centre but with all of todays shopping amenities, National parks, walk trails, sports clubs, special interest groups, wineries, restaurants and that all important sense of community.