Is This For Me?

As development managers we aim to create for the active over 55’s a lifestyle within their own boutique community, respecting the independence of individuals by crafting a serene environment providing safety and security in a non intrusive way, and still retaining the forest ambiance of the hills area within close proximity to the town amenities.

Some questions that have been asked:

What fire safety precautions will there be?
Our design provides a 6 metre perimeter road to act as a low maintenance fire break. Hydrants have also been installed and the water main serving them remains under pressure at all times.

What house design can I have?
As a suggestion we have worked with Aveling Homes to provide three designs which could be used or adapted as your home. In addition, we are constantly in the process of building homes. Why not see if these designs suit your lifestyle?

What about my privacy?
Our plan takes this important aspect into account by allowing as much space as possible between the houses. Non intrusive environmental fencing will be allowed and the planting of suitable shrubs and vegetation.

What does the Community Centre provide?
There is consultative rooms for weekly (subject to demand) doctors’ visits, podiatrists, hairdressers, masseurs. Spacious living areas for exercise or hobby classes, parties or any other social events. Kitchen and bathroom facilities are also included.

How will the complex be managed?
The Strata Council is formed from nominees of the residents who may engage a Strata Manager to assist the Strata Company (made up of residents) to provide the overall management of the complex and the provision of services as required by the estate under the Strata Titles Act.

What costs will there be?
There is a levy to cover the annual costs for the upkeep of all Common Areas of the Estate including the Community Centre. These will include Community Centre shire & water rates, insurance, water usage and the running costs of the amenities. Some of these costs will vary depending upon usage, but generally the cost per year is under $1000.

Normal home ownership costs: Shire & water rates, building & contents insurance, electricity, gas bottle annual rent & usage (if you have elected to have gas appliances to the house).

What do we pay Stamp Duty on?
Stamp Duty is payable on the Land. The building contract you sign with your builder is not subject to Stamp Duty.

Can I have a workshop or store room?
As many elderly people are still very active we have provided a craft room in the community centre. Also, each villa has at least a 4sqm store area.

Can I have my veggie garden and chickens?
The Strata Management Statement does not allow for chickens. You could have a veggie garden inside your own lot if you wish.

Can I have my pet?
Yes, within the specifics of the Management Statement as long as it is not a nuisance to other lot owners. You can have 1 small to medium dog up to 34kg in weight, 1 cat (spayed), a single cage with no more than 2 birds (no fowl/chickens).
There are no restrictions on guide or assistance dogs.
It is recommended that cats be house cats to protect the fauna and birdlife of the estate and are locked indoors at night.